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A Last Stand for the Xingu

320 Indigenous Representatives From 18 Ethnicities From the Xingu Basin and Beyond Gathered At An Assembly In Piaraçu In May 2011.

They were joined by leaders of the Xingu Alive Forever Movement (MXVPS), who brought news from endangered communities of Altamira, and Amazon Watch staff. Called by the legendary elder Kayapó Chief Raoni Metyktire, the assembly aimed to discuss the impending human rights and environmental disaster that is the Belo Monte Dam on the Lower Xingu – in particular the menace it represents to Brazil’s indigenous peoples – and ways for its opponents to forge a single and unified force to resist its construction.  Article found on Amazon Watch.

[youtube HvbOTrczxAA]

Watch Scenes from a historic indigenous gathering held in the Kayapó village in the Amazonian state of Mato Grosso.

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