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9 Tips To Save Our Fragile EARTH

1.  Recycle newsprint, cardboard, plastic, and other household waste.  This can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that many scientists believe contributes to global warming.

2.  Walk, ride your bike, or carpool. Driving 15 minutes less a week can save 900 pounds (408 kg) of CO2 a year.

3.  Buy snacks in bulk. By doing away with individual wrappers, you’ll throw away less of the 5 pounds (2 kg) of trash each person pitches every day.

4.  Put on a sweater. Don’t turn up the heat when you’re chilly.  Wear more clothes and turn down the temperature!  Doing so can keep 300 pounds (136 kg) of CO2 out of the air each year.

5.  Always turn off the lights when you leave a room.

6.  Change incandescent lightbulbs to compact fluorescent lights.  Just one could save 500 pounds (227 kg) of coal a year.

7.  Plant a tree to put more oxygen into the atmosphere.

8.  Drive better. Ask your loved ones to drive a more fuel-efficient car.  An electric or hybrid car can save 5,600 pounds (2,540 kg) of CO2 a year.

9.  Stop water waste. In many homes, toilets use more water than anything else.  An older toilet may use more than 5 gallons (19 L) of water each time it’s flushed!  Try this only with an oldr toilet.  Clean out a one-gallon plastic jug (a milk or juice container will work), and make sure you take off any labels.  Fill the jug with stones to make it heavy.  Place the jug into the toilet tank, being very careful that it doesn’t tough any of the toilet’s inner workings.  Now every time that toilet is flushed, it’s using a gallon of water less than it used to!

NOTE:  Did you know that the average U.S. household receives one-and-a-half trees’ worth of unwanted mail each year?  Much of it is trashed, unopened!


What Do You Want For Earth?

I Want Clean Air.
I Want Food Without Destruction.
I Want Water Without Pollution.
I Want Our Rain Forests Intact.
I Want To Keep Our Oceans Alive
…and Our Polar Seas Pristine.
I Want An Energy Revolution.

Give Earth A Hand… Today and Everyday!

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