Focusing On The Conservation of Ecosystems, Habitats & Wildlife

Offering Inspiration To Act On A Desire To Inspire Others

Inspired by the Amazon Jungle – which is the largest rainforest on Earth & Leaf-cutter Ants – which are social insects that are mostly part of a larger farming community, Jungle Jenny formed a new alliance to inspire others.

The Amazon Ant Alliance

During the Ice Age, which was approximately 10 million years ago, the Amazon was born.  Sea levels dropped and the Great Amazon Lake rapidly drained and became a river.  Three millions years later the ocean level receded enough to expose the Central American isthmus and allow mass migration of mammal species between the Americas.

Ants, on the other hand, have ruled the planet’s cracks and crevices since the demise of the dinosaurs.  Ants are very strong and capable of more than their size would indicate.  They demonstrate great discipline and order within their communities, each having its own individual role and task.  Ants share a highly organized, efficient group dynamic.  Ants, like people, live in groups of millions.  But unlike us, individuals don’t pursue their own goals.  Their colonies function as one organism, working together to build enormous civilizations right beneath our feet.

The Amazon Leaf-cutter Ants retrieve plant parts to shred into compost for their underground gardens, where they grow nutrient-rich fungi, which is their sole source of food.

According to Ted Andrews, Ant heralds a time of seeking out and working for a new purpose in life, with the promise of success in finding that purpose through effort.