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New Spider Found in Giant Sand Dune in Israel

Check out this crazy cool spider!  Scientist this week for the department of biology at the University of Haifa-Oranim said that it was found and discovered in the dune of the Sands of Samar in the southern Arava region of Isreal.

Unfortunately it’s habitat is endangered and hopefully The Israel Administration will preserve this unique region to study this new discovery.

To read this article from NATGEO NEW WATCH, CLICK HERE or click on photo below.

Photo found on David Braun's NatGeo News Watch: Photo by Yael Olek, courtest of the Univerity of Haifa

Got a Pet Tarantula? Better protect your eyes…says Reuters

Jungle Jenny with Chilean Rose Tarantula

Jungle Jenny wants to remind tarantula owners that although this is a rare occurrence, care should be taken when handling tarantulas. Used as a defense mechanism, these spiders release fine barbed hairs from the back of their body and in some cases have caused acute respiratory problems, skin rashes and according to this article in
Washington (Reuters)- January 1, 2010 (click here) can stick to your cornea too!  Remember:  Always keep animals away from your eyes and face.