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Deforestation Is Devasting

What is happening to the Forest?  Who’s protecting it now?

I read an article today (Replanting The Rainforest.Org) that mentioned despite conservation efforts, deforestation continues at an alarming rate of 50,193 square miles per year which equals to approximately 36 football fields a minute!  Can you imagine?

So, is anyone asking WHY? Is it possible to stop this momentum of devastation?  Given the rate at which climate change is happening, no country can afford to neglect its forests.

Deputy Director General of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, Dr. Jackson said “the continued global decline in forest area and quality, particularly in the tropics, has serious social, economic and ecological consequences.”  He does see hope for forests in the urgency of tackling global warming.  He stated, “We must seize this moment to promote the sustainable management of forests and to develop sustainable livelihoods for the people who depend on forests.”

Finally…Madagascar Reinstates Ban of Rosewood

I was sooo happy to see this ban reinstated last week on Rosewood logging and exports in Madagascar! Can you imagine….illegal logging of its NATIONAL PARKS!

Photo found on WildMadagascar.Org

Unfortuantely, over 20,000 acres of Madagascar’s rainforests were affected, including Marojejy, Masoala and Makira national parks which are some of the island’s most biologically diverse rainforests.

Andrea Johnson of EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) wrote via email “We’re hopeful that this moratorium marks a decision by the transition government to consider the long-term value of Madagascar’s natural resources and end the uncontrolled exploitation of the forest for quick profit.”  She also said  “We’d like to believe this is actually the beginning of a new book, not just the start of another chapter in the recent sad story of corruption and plunder of Madagascar’s irreplaceable forests.”

Madagascar Sanctions Logging of National Parks

Jungle Jenny is absolutely MAD about this story!

Last week, Andry Rojoelina (the President of Madagascar), who seized power during the military coup last March, released a decree that allows the export of rosewood logs harvested from the island’s NATIONAL PARKS!!

To read this article by Rhett Butler (click here).  Rhett is the founder and editor of, one of the leading sites on the Web covering tropical forest and biodiversity.

Illegal Rosewood Logging in Masoala National Park. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler