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Snake Spits Out New Species of Chameleon At Scientist's Feet

This is a GREAT fun story on how a conservationist from York University discovered a new Magombera chameleon species in Tanzania!

Dr. Andrew Marshall was studies monkeys in the jungle in the Magombera forest in Tanzania when he stumbled across a twig snake (which at the time was eating the chameleon). Startled by Marshall, the snake coughed up the chameleon and took off into the forest. While looking over the dead chameleon, Marshall suspected it might be a new species and took a photograph. A short time later, Marshall discovered the same species approximately 6 miles from the original finding. He photographed that creature and has published his findings formally on record in November of 2009.

Marshall is hoping to persuade the Tanzanian authorities in protecting this area of the forest which the chameleon was found. To read this entire article CLICK HERE or on the photo below.

New Species of Chameleon found in Tanzania by Dr. Andrew Marshall: Photo taken by Dr. Andrew Marshall of York University

Ed Kammer and Jungle Jenny

Ed Kammer and Jungle Jenny

This is the most BEAUTIFUL panther chameleon I have ever seen.  It’s Ed and Liddy Kammer’s from Kammerflage Kreations. If you are trying to decide where to purchase your next chameleon, call them at 951-738-8388 or email them at:

Wonderful Meeting You All This Weekend

I just wanted to say that it was wonderful meeting you all this weekend in San Diego!

I really enjoyed talking to Jason from the Southern California Herpetology Association, Susan Nowicke from the San Diego Herpetological Society, Andrew Wyatt and Dog Price from the US Ark Conservation Trust, Scott and Nicole Powley from Powley Exotic Reptiles, David Kemp from Kemp’s Reptile Incubators, Lonnie Cornel from Dakine Exotics, William “Randy” Whitmire and Lisa Tzanakos from Alpha Dragonz, Scott Austin from Scott Austin Reptiles, Jim McDonald from Jim’s Western Hognose, Michael Monge from FLCHAMS, Loren from LLL Reptile, Randy Duncan and his lovely wife who are both members of the Horned Lizard Conservation Society, David Rasnick of David Rasnick Jewelry Design, Julie tenBensel from Chamo Wear, Inc, and lastly, Judy and the wonderful team at Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.

Sending lots of love and light to you all today!

I just love Chameleons!

I just love Chameleons!