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New Species Discovered in Fiji

According to Fiji Times Online, a new creature was discovered earlier this month on the islands of Taveuni and Qamea in Fiji.

The islanders thought that the newly discovered iguana would be a threat to the other indigenous species there, however it has been determined by the head Chief Veterinary Officer (Dr. Robin Archari) that this new species is a herbivore.

Iguana found by Lovonivonu villagers in Fiji. Source: Fiji Times Online

According to sources the iguana was “introduced by this foreigner who constructed ponds with the intention of breeding more. He brought in two iguanas and they’ve multiplied to about 1000.”

Cold Iguanas Free-Fall from Trees

Iguanas Go Into Hibernation State In Cold Weather
POSTED: Wednesday, January 6, 2010
UPDATED: 3:10 pm EST January 6, 2010

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Record lows across South Florida are literally freezing the invasive iguana in its tracks.

Kamikaze iguanas, plummeting from their treetop perches, have long been a Floridian urban legend. On Wednesday morning, Local 10 caught the free-falling lizard on tape.


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My Giant Green Iguana's Amputated Tail

Gangrene Setting In: 3 Weeks After Injury occuredImmediately After Surgery4 Months After Amputation

My Giant Green Iguana “Reef” injured his tail and unfortunately after it turned gangrenous, had to have it surgically amputated.

I first attempted to heal the wound with medication.  Unfortunately the tissue began to die and our veterinarian (Dr. Tom Greek) had to removed the dead tissue before it spread to the healthy tissue.

For tail amputation, my iguana was injected with a numbing agent and then his tail was sutured together at the end of the wound.  During the healing process, the tail fuses back together and if the iguana is lucky enough, will begin to regenerate.

There are a few factors involved with tail regeneration. Age, Overall Health, and Location of Wound.  Due to the age of my iguana (11.5 years old), “only time will tail how much it will re-grow back”.

I’m very happy and excited to see his tail growing, even if it grows only a significant amount.

Hello world!

Jungle Jenny with Coral & Reef

Jungle Jenny with Coral & Reef

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