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Plant A Tree In The Rainforest — Free!

Posted by Guest Blogger Lynn Hasselberger – I Count For My Earth!

Once upon a time, 14% of the earth’s land surface was covered in rainforests.

  • Today, a mere 6% of the earth’s land surface is covered in rainforests.

  • In Brazil alone, one and a half acres of rainforest are lost every second!

  • 2.47 acres of rainforest may contain over 750 types of trees and 1500 species of plants, yet we’re losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year!

  • 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients.

  • Less than 1% of rain forest trees and plants have been tested by scientists–the cure for cancer could be waiting to be discovered.

  • Some scientists call the rain forests the “lungs of the earth.”

  • One tree can remove 50 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year!

You can make a difference with the Plant 10,000 Trees campaign.

For absolutely no cost (other than a few clicks on the keyboard), you can plant a tropical tree. Just enter your name and email address at A tree will be planted on your behalf in a protected area of the Brazil rainforest that desperately needs new trees.

The fact that 2011 has been declared The International Year of Forests by the United Nations makes your participation even more meaningful.

Look who’s already planted a tree with Plant 10,000 Trees!

Be next to plant a tree…  you could win something!

When you plant a tree with Plant 10,000 Trees,  you’ll automatically be entered in a contest for a chance to win natural products from companies like Kiehls, myEARTH360, Rare Elements and others that support the campaign.

The rainforests win either way. Your participation will help to rebuild vast areas of the Atlantic Forest that have been destroyed through logging, oil drilling, and deforestation. 10,000 trees amount to over a million square feet of healthy new rainforest!

More about Plant 10,000 Trees.

Rain Tees and Living Green Magazine have partnered together, hoping to create change and inspire others to do more than read or be part of the deforestation statistics. With your entry into the Plant 10,000 Trees contest, you will instantly plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest region through the Trees for the Future organization and help restore the phenomenal ecosystem that is slipping away from us every second. With every entry, together we can plant 10,000 trees (or more!) and create our own change!

“read more on the I Count for myEARTH blog”.


Revolutionary Moment To Conserve Forests

GOOD NEWS!  Singapore-listed Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) today announced a new forest conservation policy intended to ensure its palm oil operations have less impact on forests and will be working with the Indonesian government and green groups to build a “sustainable palm oil industry” in Indonesia.

With an annual revenue of US$2.3 billion, GAR is the largest palm oil producer in the world’s leading palm oil-producing country.

Weeping Willows……

Have you ever been touched so deeply by the presence of nature  ………………     or maybe even just a Tree?

I was very young when I recognized and realized that trees were truly special.   I used to climb the Evergreen Trees around my parents house like a monkey and sit at the top of them for hours….and observe the world below.  My favorite tree though…..was the Weeping Willow Tree that sat right outside my window while I was growing up.  This was the most magical tree that I have ever known during my existence here on Earth.  Today, I share with you….my special tree.

My Special Weeping Willow Tree

I think of you often… special tree…..

So….why do some trees get chopped down?  Are they just in the way?  When I hear a chainsaw….I cringe….I can’t imagine how I would feel….. having my happy home/habitat hacked down one day …..for what purpose?

I encourage each one of you to develop your connection with nature today…..go outside…..lean up against a tree…..listen to the wind…..tune in…..and stay connected.

Please NOTE:  This is not my Tree….it was just a visual….of a healthy tree being hacked down for whatever reason…not sure.

Deforestation Is Devasting

What is happening to the Forest?  Who’s protecting it now?

I read an article today (Replanting The Rainforest.Org) that mentioned despite conservation efforts, deforestation continues at an alarming rate of 50,193 square miles per year which equals to approximately 36 football fields a minute!  Can you imagine?

So, is anyone asking WHY? Is it possible to stop this momentum of devastation?  Given the rate at which climate change is happening, no country can afford to neglect its forests.

Deputy Director General of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, Dr. Jackson said “the continued global decline in forest area and quality, particularly in the tropics, has serious social, economic and ecological consequences.”  He does see hope for forests in the urgency of tackling global warming.  He stated, “We must seize this moment to promote the sustainable management of forests and to develop sustainable livelihoods for the people who depend on forests.”

Deforestation in the U.S. – A Look Back

Losing the trees and the loss of animal habitats is unforgivable, however it is happening everywhere.

Do we continue to ignore the consequences that affect us all and wreck havoc on our ecosystems?

Found on The Conservation Report by Buck Denton - Click Here to Read Article and Follow Blog

Above is a chart showing the deforestation and devastation in the United States from 1620 – present.  Do we need visual charts to see just what we are doing to the EARTH?

Keep in Mind: Each dot represents 25,000 acres of forests!

When will we learn? When will we stop? When will it be too late?