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Huge Python Found In Everglades With 87 Eggs Inside

The recent discovery of the biggest Burmese python ever found in Florida is convincing evidence of just how well established these highly destructive reptiles have become in Everglades National Park and other parts of South Florida, according to Florida scientists.

The snake was 17 feet 7 inches (5.35 meters) long and weighed 164 1/2 pounds (76 kilograms). Scientists recovered 87 eggs from the snake also a record for the state. The pythons are surviving a long time in the wild, said snake expert Kenneth Krysko of the Florida Museum of Natural History. There’s nothing stopping them.

About 1,825 Burmese pythons were discovered in Everglades National Park from 2000 to 2011. However, scientists think the python population is many times higher.

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