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Loss of Plant Diversity is Linked to Decline in Honeybees

Researchers suggests in a recent BBC publication that the loss of habitat destruction and falling plant diversity is linked to the decline of honeybees in many countries.

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This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed immediately! According to Bumblebee.Org, bees are responsible for pollinating plants that provide much of our food; in North America it is believed that 30% of food for human consumption originates from plants pollinated by bees.

Governments 'must tackle' roots of nature crisis

By Richard Black

Environment Correspondent, BBC News Website

Balinese fishing grounds have just been protected to safeguard stocks

Governments must tackle the underlying causes of biodiversity loss if they are to stem the rate at which ecosystems and species are disappearing.

New Species Discovered With an Uncertain Future

A team of researchers from the Arizona-based Reptile & Amphibian Ecology International announced they have discovered a new rain frog along with 30 other unknown species in Ecuador’s highland forest.  Unfortunately, global warming is a real threat for this new species and all creatures that live in the forest.

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New Species of Rain Frog Discovered: Photo found on National Geographic

Madagascar Sanctions Logging of National Parks

Jungle Jenny is absolutely MAD about this story!

Last week, Andry Rojoelina (the President of Madagascar), who seized power during the military coup last March, released a decree that allows the export of rosewood logs harvested from the island’s NATIONAL PARKS!!

To read this article by Rhett Butler (click here).  Rhett is the founder and editor of, one of the leading sites on the Web covering tropical forest and biodiversity.

Illegal Rosewood Logging in Masoala National Park. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler

Giant Salamanders in Japan Receive Assistance in Their Journey Upstream


Here is a GREAT SOLUTION and wonderful story about the Giant Salamanders in Japan.

Unfortunately, we hear too much about the destruction and habitat loss for animals and hear little about what is being done to resolve this problem.  The Japanese people created an innovative way to assist the Giant Salamander make it’s way up stream by building ramps and staircases in the dams.  This new solution/program is critical and essential for the Giant Salamanders, since this is where they lay their eggs!

To watch the video courtesy of National Geographic Daily News, CLICK HERE or on photo below.

Photo found on National Geographic's Website

New Spider Found in Giant Sand Dune in Israel

Check out this crazy cool spider!  Scientist this week for the department of biology at the University of Haifa-Oranim said that it was found and discovered in the dune of the Sands of Samar in the southern Arava region of Isreal.

Unfortunately it’s habitat is endangered and hopefully The Israel Administration will preserve this unique region to study this new discovery.

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Photo found on David Braun's NatGeo News Watch: Photo by Yael Olek, courtest of the Univerity of Haifa