Focusing On The Conservation of Ecosystems, Habitats & Wildlife

Earth’s Biodiversity

Earth’s biodiversity — the number of microorganisms, plants, and animals, their genes, and their ecosystems is declining at an alarming rate, even faster than the last mass extinction 65 million years ago.

In fact, two thirds of the terrestrial species that exist today are estimated to be extinct by the end of this century.  Humans are an integral part of this extensive network of life. We depend on biodiversity for goods and services; we impact biodiversity via rapidly expanding human population growth, consumption of resources, and spread of disease; and we study biodiversity in order to understand, conserve, and protect it.


Rainforests are famous for their biodiversity!

Rare Endangered Desert Tortoises -VS- Solar Energy

A Solar Showdown in California between Oakland’s based BrightSource Energy and The Sierra Club and other environmentalist is mounting.  If the company gets approval and permission to build and erect 400,000 mirrors on the site to collect the sun’s energy; it will not only be a death sentence for the endangered Desert Tortoise, but it is also home to rare plants and other wildlife including the Western Burrowing Owl and Bighorn Sheep.

Photo from the LA Times Website "L.A. Unleased" January 4, 2010

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