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Got a Pet Tarantula? Better protect your eyes…says Reuters

Jungle Jenny with Chilean Rose Tarantula

Jungle Jenny wants to remind tarantula owners that although this is a rare occurrence, care should be taken when handling tarantulas. Used as a defense mechanism, these spiders release fine barbed hairs from the back of their body and in some cases have caused acute respiratory problems, skin rashes and according to this article in
Washington (Reuters)- January 1, 2010 (click here) can stick to your cornea too!  Remember:  Always keep animals away from your eyes and face.

Ed Kammer and Jungle Jenny

Ed Kammer and Jungle Jenny

This is the most BEAUTIFUL panther chameleon I have ever seen.  It’s Ed and Liddy Kammer’s from Kammerflage Kreations. If you are trying to decide where to purchase your next chameleon, call them at 951-738-8388 or email them at: