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"Cold Stunned" Turtles Get NASA Rescue


January 14, 2010— NASA and Florida conservationists joined forces to rescue endangered sea turtles “cold stunned” by record-breaking cold temperatures along the Sunshine State’s coast. © 2010 National Geographic; Video courtesy NASA

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Image credit: NASA/Amanda Diller

Mountain Gorillas and Global Warming: Dangerous Combo

According to a National Geographic article published yesterday by Christine Dell’Amore, global warming-induced indigestion could help make mountain gorillas and other leaf-eating primates sitting ducks for extinction, a new study says.

Due to the annual temperature rises, the leaves in the forest are changing their molecular structure and now have more fiber and less digestible protein.  This is becoming a concern for some gorilla and monkey species that eat these leaves because this would mean that it will take longer to process their food.  During this longer time of digestion, these primates would otherwise be spending their time finding food, socializing and protecting their territory study says.

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Photo found on National Geographic's Daily News Website: Photograph by Tim Graham, Getty Images

Asia's Wildlife Trade

The Kingpin

An exposé of the world’s most notorious wildlife dealer, his special government friend, and his ambitious new plan

By Bryan Christy author of The Lizard King

Photograph by Mark Leong

Here is a great story titled Asia’s Wildlife Trade that National Geographic published this month about the current illegal Asian Wildlife Trade and Malaysia’s most wanted smuggler of ENDANGERED SPECIES.

Photo from National Geographic article “Asia’s Wildlife Trade”