Focusing On The Conservation of Ecosystems, Habitats & Wildlife

The Hidden Power of Everday Things

Your Signs:  Capricorn / Aquarius

Your Elements:  Earth / Air

Your Rulers:  Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, 29 degrees Capricorn– 00 degrees Aquarius, Third Decanate, Yin, First Decanate, Yang

Objects / Images:  Blindfolds, Castles with Parapets, a Spaceship Blasting Off

Shapes / Materials:  Amber, Leather Bags, Parallel Lines

Colors:  Mottled Blue, Shale Gray, Buttery Yellow

Animals:  Camel, Unicorn

Plants, Herbs, Edibles: Aspen Trees, Spinach, Hips, Cornflowers, Holly Trees

Essences:  Balsam, Rosemary

Sound / Rhythms:  The Sound of Arrows Hitting Bull’s-Eyes, The Sound of Sheeps’ Bells

Muscial Notes: D and C#

Deep Space Object:  Alpha Sagittarius

Camel and Unicorn

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