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This knowing and feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness for humankind has inspired Jungle Jenny to continue evolving towards a higher level of insight, understanding, love and compassion for Mother Earth.  By connecting with her own planetary consciousness, she recognizes the need to act responsibly and became an effective agent for our society’s change and transformation. By initiating and preserving biodiversity in key areas, her goal is to promote long-term conservation that results in supporting people that are directly effected and dependent on natural resources in endangered living systems.

Jungle Jenny explores exotic endangered areas all over the world.  By recognizing, accepting and developing her own relationship with nature, JJ offers an experience of inspiration to her audience and shows the consequences of our actions within our habitat.  During the journey, she discovers that traveling to these endangered habitats and capturing a captive moment of these wild places with these wild animals within their natural environment has the greatest impact on helping them survive.