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Final Thoughts About The Tragedy At Project Survivals Cat Haven

My thought and prayers go out to Dianna Hanson’s family. I wish I would have met her.

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to Dale Anderson and Wendy Wichelman-Debbas at Project Survival’s Cathaven. I know how much they care about their staff and how much they love their big cats. I’m thinking of you during this difficult time and sending you all lots of love.  I’m so sorry for your losses.

I hope that my efforts in discussing my experiences at Cat Haven with the media helped shed positive light on such a tragic situation.

Unfortunately, tragedies occur for whatever reason but LOVE for the people and the animals still has to prevail!

Now is the time to stand up for Cat Haven and help however you can. Click Here To Help.

Watch video below to learn more other notable causes like Soysambu Conservancy.

Soysambu works to sustain wildlife species, indigenous livestock and habitat; supports local conservation initiatives; facilitates neighboring development and educates the community in the value of flora and fauna in order to preserve the Rift Valley Ecosystem for future generations.

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