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International Day Of Forest


International Day of Forests (AKA World Forestry Day) is on March 21 and celebrates all types of forests and trees outside forests for the benefit of current and future generations.

Ways To Help Protect & Preserve Forests


 Adopt An Acre



Sign this petition to help Save Wildlife and their Habitats from Deforestation 



Ask for and purchase products with the FSC label

If you are passionate about forests, consider becoming a member of FSC


Spread The Word!

Speak out against habitat destruction & illegal logging on social media.

Tweet that protecting valuable forests is vital to human well-being.

Watch “Nature Is Speaking” by Conservation International  – Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest 

[vsw id=”jBqMJzv4Cs8″ source=”youtube” width=”390″ height=”314″ autoplay=”no”]

International Day of Forests Video Below

[vsw id=”gnMgNt3122I” source=”youtube” width=”390″ height=”314″ autoplay=”no”]


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