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The Search For Lost Frogs

New Frogs Discovered in Colombia!

“Mr. Burns”

New species of beaked toad, genus Rhinella, found in the rainforests of Chocó department of Colombia, during the “Search for Lost Frogs”. This individual, around 2cm in length, is thought to skip the tadpole stage, hatching directly into toadlets from eggs laid on the forest floor. The coloration and shape of the head make the toad resemble the dead leaves on which it lives. © Robin Moore/iLCP

New species of rocket frog, from the genus Silverstoneia, found during the “Search for Lost Frogs” in the rainforests of the Chocó department in Colombia. A type of poison dart frog – a group that has given rise to many chemicals found to be useful to humans – this species is less poisonous than its brightly colored relatives. Living in and around streams, the rocket frogs carefully carry newly hatched tadpoles on their backs to deposit them in water to complete their development. This is a small species, which probably does not grow larger than 3cm in total length. © Robin Moore/iLCP

New toad species with striking red eyes found during the “Search for Lost Frogs” in the cloudforests of Chocó, Colombia. This highly unusual species has scientists baffled – we know nothing about this species other than where it lives. © Robin Moore/iLCP

Information and photos taken from, November 15, 2010

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